ARC Battleborn Pants


As much as I like the ARC Battleborn jacket, I’m disappointed in their pants. They share the same materials and construction as the jacket, but there are two glaring shortcomings, one of which is too long.

I’m not sure how legs measure in Pakistan – where these garments are made – but I’m guessing they have extraordinary long thighs with short tibia/fibias. I get that ADV riding pants are crafted long to begin with and I have always appreciated the coverage while riding and put up with the dragging of pant cuffs while walking, but these go a bit far with my 5′ 11″ frame. After reading reviews on Rocky Mountain ATV/MC’s site it’s clear many wearers don’t realize the pants have a second upper pocket for a better placement of the CE-rated knee pads, and I appreciate that thoughtfulness in design since the pads fit well there for my riding position. I’d just appreciate a little less in length for my 32″ inseam, even as they claim that’s the length for these trousers. The length of the thermal liner goes beyond the cuff as well.

The pants have huge exhaust vents ’round back with vent air-collectors up front at the thigh just above the hip crease, which is great if they weren’t covered up by the length of the jacket. Two pockets below the vents with waterproof zippers and lots of room without translating into being too bulky. There are two additional traditional pant pockets ideal for smaller fare like keys and ear plugs.

My big gripe is with the front closure, an indexed rubber tab that feeds into a plastic clasp.


Mine broke on my second southern trek and as you can see in the pic, the integrity of the rubber belt is compromised by the stitching where it attaches to the denier. Now, you may be thinking I could lose a little girth myself, and you’d be right, but I didn’t have this cinched up to begin with.

The pants work well in insulating heat from the Tiger’s radiator exhaust ports, and kept me dry through Southern Utah’s squalls.

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