Givi Trekker Outback 37L Panniers

Calling anything on a motorcycle weatherproof is a misnomer, unless we’re talking about these panniers. O-ring sealed, riveted aluminum and reinforced polymer construction make these live up to the claim, not to mention bullet-proof, or I should say high and low side proof.

Givi engineered a clever locking system that works tandem in securing the box and securing the box to the bike and those clever Italians created a fail-safe way to know that the panniers are firmly attached to the rack with their green-means-go indicators.


Thirty seven liters is enough to hold all my usual gear for ADV camping and I appreciate the anchor points in the recessed lids for more storage.


The recessed lids work well for stowing items out of the way when digging through the pannier and to keep vital gear and tools handy in an emergency or when setting up camp. This pannier (above) holds dehydrated Mountain House food packs, cooking gear including a JetBoil, a GSI Halulite Minimalist cook set with gas and a compact Brunton stove, and an insulated mug that also contains a small coffee container. Above that layer of gear I pack my HotWired gear, seasonal gloves, rain gear – anything I need to grab roadside as temps and elements change over the 5000 feet of altitude changes on my commute.


The detachable lids make a great spot to keep hardware handy during roadside repairs. There’s a Camillus Camtrax 3-in-1 hatchet retained by shock cord that’s webbed around tabs build into the pannier lid.


Thirty seven liters is enough to stow my entire tent and sleep system. There are two layers – the bottom layer seen above stows the ExPed sleeping pad, the Teton ComfortLite pillow and the REI Helio sleeping bag. There’s a Sea-to-Summit Tek towel in there somewhere as well.


The top layer has the Lynx2 tent, the REI Flex Lite chair, the Sea-to-Summit Thermolite bag liner and the ground cover tarp. Everything is stowed in order of deployment; tarp, tent, chair, sleeping kit. Anal, I know, but it makes set-up and take down more efficient.

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